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It is Lehigh Valley Health Network's (LVHN) policy to provide emergency or other medically necessary care to all individuals without regard to their ability to pay for services. LVHN’s Financial Assistance Policy applies to all individuals who participate in the process to evaluate their ability to pay for LVHN services. Uninsured patients that participate in LVHN’s financial assistance program will be eligible for some amount of discount if family income is less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Guideline. 

All sources of patient and qualifying patient family income will be included when determining if the patient qualifies for Financial Assistance. Income includes the patient’s and spouse’s adjusted gross income as stated on the IRS 1040 form.

Patients who are uninsured and qualify for financial assistance will have their charges reduced to the Amount Generally Billed (AGB).


All patients indicating an inability to pay will be screened for eligibility for the Medical Assistance Program under the Financial Assistance Policy.

  1. All applicants will be screened without prejudice and without discrimination.
  2. All In-patient, Ambulatory, Emergency room, and designated Out-patient patients will be screened for Medical Assistance benefits and referred to our Medical Assistance vendor where applicable.
  3. Patients qualifying for Medial Assistance benefits will also qualify for financial assistance.
  4. Patients who do not qualify for Medical Assistance will be considered for financial assistance using proof of income on the Medical Assistance vendor’s close out letter, the Department of Public Welfare’s documentation of income, and the LVHN financial screening application and payment forgiveness guidelines.

How can I get more information or a copy of the Financial Assistance Policy?

  • Print or download a copy of the LVH–Schuylkill Financial Assistance Policy.
  • View a list of LVPG providers who are participating with the Financial Assistance Program and a list of Non-LVPG providers who are not participating with the Financial Assistance Program.
  • See the sliding Income and Adjustment scale applied for uninsured patients with higher incomes and insured patients responsible for co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance. All uninsured patients receive a minimum discount of 60 percent off of charges.
  • Complete application checklist for requirements-Proof of residency, income and dependents will be required for application.
  • Approved, denied and pended application notifications will be sent to all patients.
  • Contact a Financial Counselor at any of our Hospital Facilities or call them at 484-884-0840.
  • You could also contact a Financial Counselor at LVH-Schuylkill East 570-621-4783, and LVH-Schuylkill South 570-621-5152.
  • Email us at to request a copy of verify information.

Disclaimer Statement:
Our policy is intended to provide a description of recommended courses of action to comply with all federal, state and local statutory or regulatory requirements. We recognize that there may be specific circumstances, not contemplated by laws or regulatory requirements that make compliance inappropriate.

 Financial Assistance Summary

Download or print a copy of the plain language summary here.