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Lehigh Valley Health Network in Schuylkill County offers a Pediatrics Unit at Lehigh Valley Hospital–Schuylkill S. Jackson Street (420 South Jackson Street, Pottsville, PA)

Phone 570-621-5600

This nine-bed locked (secure) unit provides care to the child population of Schuylkill County and their families. The department serves medical and surgical pediatric patients with acute or chronic illness from newborn through age 18 years requiring acute care, observation or continuous monitoring. The unit offers safety and security with cameras of all beds to a screen at the nursing station. Visitors are required to "buzz" in and out.

All rooms have a bathroom and there is a separate tub room on the unit.

There is a treatment room on the unit for all pediatric procedures to ensure the child's bedside stays a "safe" area. The Broselow Hinkle cart system is available in the treatment room for the care of a compromised child.

An activity/playroom is also available for children that are not in isolation.

There is a sleeper chair at each bedside to offer comfort to a parent who chooses to stay with their child. The unit is also locked on exit which requires staff to "buzz" visitors out.

Pediatric Hospitalist Service:

Our pediatric hospitalist service is a dedicated program featuring physicians who specialize in the care of hospitalized children. The pediatric hospitalist serves to rapidly coordinate inpatient care and react in real time throughout the day to clinical date and changes in the child's medical status, from the most common childhood illnesses to more complex healthcare needs.

In order to ensure the most appropriate follow-up and post hospital care, the pediatric hospitalist communicates with your child's pediatrician or the primary care provider involved in your child's care.

Our Services Include:

Secure unit for the safety of your child
Overnight Privileges. One parent may stay overnight.
Sleeper chair for one parent.
Cable television in all rooms
Philips Centralized Monitoring
Child Friendly Menu
Activity Room close to the nurse's station is available for children not in isolation.
Separate Treatment Room for procedures so your child feels safe in his/her room.