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Schuylkill Health


September 25, 2009





(POTTSVILLE, PA)   The Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation announced today that Schuylkill Medical Center East Norwegian Street and Schuylkill Medical Center South Jackson Street will be accredited as Level III Trauma Centers effective November 1, 2009 according to John E. Simodejka, President/Chief Executive Officer of Schuylkill Health.  The Accreditation at East Norwegian Street is a new accreditation.  South Jackson Street is a reaccreditation.

“We are so very pleased to have achieved accreditation and reaccreditation at our facilities,” said Simodejka.  “This is a tribute to the tireless efforts of our entire team to attain this distinction and will most definitely benefit those served at both Medical Centers.”

  Trauma centers are hospitals with resources immediately available to provide efficient surgical intervention to reduce the likelihood of death or permanent disability to injured patients. Accredited trauma centers must be continuously prepared to treat the most serious life threatening and disabling injuries. They are not intended to replace the traditional hospital and its emergency department for minor injuries.

In Pennsylvania, there are three levels of accredited trauma centers which must meet a stringent set of requirements. A Level III Trauma Center is meant to serve the needs of patients in rural areas of a state. The focus is to quickly diagnose and treat mild to moderate injuries. More severely injured patients are quickly stabilized and transported to higher level trauma centers.  Each trauma center regardless of its level is an integral component of the emergency medical services system.

     Dr. Mohammed Meeran is the Trauma Medical Director at Schuylkill Medical Center East Norwegian Street.  Erin Marinchak, RN, BSN, CCRN is Trauma Coordinator.  Dr. Dale Bortz serves as Medical Director of the Emergency Department.

“We are very excited for how this accreditation will better serve patients at our facility,” said Dr. Meeran.  “Those needing level III trauma care in Schuylkill County can feel very fortunate to have this level of service available.  It is through a focused, shared team effort that we are able to have this accreditation”

          Dr. Carlos X. Villarreal serves as Trauma Medical Director at Schuylkill Medical Center South Jackson Street.  Gail Newton, RN is Trauma Coordinator.  Dr. Jeffrey J. Narmi is Medical Director of the Emergency Department.

“Our Trauma Program provides education, training and resources across many department levels  including prehospital providers to develop and enhance guidelines in order to provide the highest level of care to a trauma patient,” said Dr. Villarreal.  “This hospital and system-wide program includes many disciplines but most notably Emergency Medicine, Surgical Services, Laboratory and Radiology, Intensive and Progressive Care Units, Therapy Services along with Schuylkill County’s network of prehospital providers.”

To be considered for Level III accreditation, a facility must:

- Be located in a county without a Level I or II Trauma Center.

- Be greater than 25 miles from an accredited Level I or II trauma center.

- Have a comprehensive emergency department.

- Have 4,000 patients admitted through its emergency department per year.

- Have the capability to manage initial care with a general surgeon response time within 30 minutes.

- Have a resuscitation team organized for severely injured patients. 

- Facilitate mandatory transfers for severely injured patients.


The Trauma Programs at both medical centers underwent an extensive review  this past summer as part of the accreditation process.  Schuylkill Medical Center East Norwegian Street is a 136 bed, acute care general hospital.  Schuylkill Medical Center South Jackson Street is a 200 bed, acute care general hospital.  To learn more about Schuylkill Health, visit

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